Originally released as an LP in 1972, the album from Carla's folk-rock band has been re-released on CD by Numero Group.

  1. People Come
  2. And I a Fairy Tale Lady
  3. Tappan Square
  4. You Don't Have to Hurry
  5. Standing in the Doorway
  6. Dorian: 240 Lament
  7. Window
  8. Binghamton
  9. I'll Be Here in the Morning
  10. Ohio
  11. Miles Before Sleeping
  12. Sea Song
  13. Extended Play
  14. Suite for Windy Spring
  15. Child
  16. Where I'm Bound
  17. Chermaine

Produced by Oak Thorne / reissue by Rob Sevier

Pat Hubbard
Jason Potter
Carla Sciaky
Mel Stonebraker
Jeff Harper