The Undertow

Released in 1991 by Green Linnet Records as part of their Redbird Series.

“This Carla Sciaky album deserves a place on the shelf of every folk music lover. It is one of her finest expressions of originality and sophisticated musicianship.”
-Acoustic Performer
  1. This Deep Love
  2. Late in the Day
  3. The Undertow
  4. The Whole World 'Round
  5. Rolling in the Dew
  6. Everybody's Strange But Me
  7. Home Is Where the Heart Is
  8. I'm a Wimp
  9. Focus on the Road
  10. Celia
  11. Listen to the Thunder
  12. There Is a War A-Raging
  13. Song from the Heart

Produced by Pete Sutherland

With guest musicians:
Ellen Audley
Mary Flower
Mollie O'Brien
Tim O'Brien
Bonnie Phipps
Eric Robnett
Sumi Seacat
Mary Stribling
Pete Sutherland
Vicki Taylor
Duane Webster