Spin the Weaver's Song

Released in 1992 by Green Linnet Records as part of their Redbird Series, here is a collection of traditional shearing, spinning, and weaving songs from around the world.

Spin the Weaver’s Song combines scholarly authenticity with mystery and true ethnic grit.”
-The Boston Phoenix
  1. Sheep Shearing Toast (vocal)
  2. Sheep Shearing Toast (instrumental)
  3. The Sheep Shearers
  4. Sheep Shearing
  5. Click, Click, That's How the Shears Go
  6. Shearing the Sheep
  7. The Band of Shearers
  8. The Flax in Bloom
  9. Jog Along Till Shearing
  10. Spinn Spinn / La Filadora
  11. Snošti e Dobra Dotsna Sedela
  12. Pukala Sam Lenek
  13. Virágos Kenderem
  14. The Spool
  15. Song for the Spinning Wheel
  16. Spinning Wheel Song
  17. La Tejedora de Ñandutí
  18. Cotton Picker's Rag
  19. The Weaver's Glee
  20. I Can Weave Linen
  21. The Weaver Is Handsome
  22. Paddy the Weaver
  23. The Weaver
  24. The Weaver's March / The Gallant Weaver
  25. The Weaver's Daughter
  26. The Weaver and the Chambermaid
  27. Sweet Becky at the Loom
  28. Waulking Song
  29. Song of the Sky Loom
  30. Weaving Lilt

Produced by Pete Sutherland

With guest musicians:
Pete Sutherland
Lee Blackwell
Larry Gordon
Christopher Layer
Tom MacKenzie
Cindy Mangsen
Jeremiah McLane
Bob Peskin
Horace Williams