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Released in 1995 by Green Linnet Records as part of their Redbird Series, this CD features primarily Carla's originals.

“Carla Sciaky soars on this recording, once again striking that perfect balance between joy and sorrow, humor and reflection.”
-Sing Out!
  1. Awakening
  2. For a Long Time to Come
  3. Is This Water?
  4. These Awkward Days
  5. Gladys and Harley
  6. Insomnia Blues
  7. The Song That Bird Sings
  8. There Are Three Reasons
  9. Once I Had a Sweetheart
  10. I Cannot Tell You
  11. Icarus
  12. Aunt Sue
  13. Hope the Hermit
  14. There Are Many Roads

Produced by Pete Sutherland

With guest musicians:
Scott Bennett
Mary Flower
Lynne Glaeske
Mark Graham
Harry Grainger
John Magnie
Mollie O'Brien
Tim O'Brien
Jeanne Posselius
Ann Rabson
Eric Robnett
Claudia Schmidt
Eugene Smith
Mary Stribling
Pete Sutherland
Wyane Templeman
Duane Webster
Pete Wernick