The Mother Folkers | Live at the Arvada Center

This is the original recording of the Mother Folkers, recorded live at the Arvada Center in 1989. It includes 12 songs plus clips from some of the talk between the songs.

  1. Second Fiddle
  2. Thinking of You
  3. That Lonesome Road
  4. Refrigerator Magnets...
  5. I’m a Wimp
  6. Lee Press-on Nails...
  7. Please Send Me Someone to Love
  8. La Mora Limpia
  9. Indifference
  10. Introduction to Chocolate
  11. Chocolate
  12. Ballad of the Exiled Reptile
  13. Song for Benjamin Linder
  14. Founding Mother Folkers...
  15. Let Him Go Medley
  16. Shut De Do

The Mother Folkers
Ellen Audley
Bonnie Carol
Vicki (Case) Taylor
Kathi DeFrancis
Mary Flower
Ellen Klaver
Eileen Niehouse
Mollie O’Brien
Bonnie Phipps
Sumi (Sawtelle) Seacat
Carla Sciaky
Mary Stribling